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Why the wall cloth? Wall decoration first choice!

Why the wall cloth? Wall decoration first choice!

Metope occupied the largest area in home decoration, beautiful household environment cannot leave good-looking metope support.
Good-looking metope can be integral home outfit effect add brick to add tile, and traditional home outfit effect always can bring about all sorts of unsatisfactory, the discomfort on visual sense sense, originality is poor. Seamless wall cloth is rich in color, changeable in style, rich in texture, clear in texture, and easy to create a warm and comfortable home environment.
Seamless wall cloth can stand out from numerous decorative materials, depends on its more environmental protection, visual effect is better, functional function is more practical and other advantages.

1.The variety of design and color of wall cloth is various, choice legroom is big, the effect after adornment is jing jing, can make household more sweet. The wall cloth collocation of different design often can build the individual character space that gives different feeling. All kinds of material, design, style, the wall cloth of design and color can be found, greatly meet the adornment style of different people, also received the favor of people.
Look at the progress of embroidery products, greatly promoted the quality of wall cloth products. Wall cloth the first time to use jacquard, printing and other processes, jacquard has woven closely, feel good characteristics, printing wall cloth has the characteristics of colorful gorgeous color rich.
Embroider wall cloth product uses inwrought machine production, introduce Chinese traditional manual inwrought craft wall cloth product among, bottom cloth uses copy silk high precision fabrics, pattern has Chinese style, Europe type, contracted and so on a variety of diversiform, make a process fine. The finished product has super three-dimensional texture, the artistic effect on the wall appears elegant.

2.The use of yarn-dyed technology, so that the wall cloth product color control has a good control. It improves the unstable quality of the original wall cloth products made of simple dyed curtain cloth, making the existing wall cloth products bright color, more realistic artistic effect, no color difference, stable color fastness, and longer service life.

3.The customization of cold and hot glue, cold glue products refer to the wall cloth that is coated or non-woven bottom cloth and painted with wall cloth glue during construction. It has the characteristics of fast construction and simple technology. Hot glue refers to the glue on the back of the wall cloth, heated with a special iron during construction, so that the glue on the back melts and sticks on the wall.

4.With the continuous development of interior wall cloth manufacture craft, the wall cloth constantly enhance the quality and performance, has become the mainstream of indoor decoration, has anti-static function, the advantages of no aspiration, local accidentally or artificial soiled, can use water and detergent to clean, easy to clean, and have better update feature, have relatively good wear resistance, stain resistance. Refers to waterproof, anti-fouling, anti-oil treatment. After special treatment of the wall cloth, can do not absorb water, do not stick oil and other effects.
The wall cloth also has certain sound absorption, heat insulation, mildew proof, bacteria-proof function, has better anti-aging, insect proof function, non-toxic, pollution-free. There is no harm to human body, avoiding the damage of volatile harmful substances to human body and the environment.

Post time: May-16-2022