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High tensile strength drywall paper joint tape for gypsum board joint

Short Description:

Drywall paper joint tape is made of high tensile strength paper. It’s widely used in various construction occasions, for gypsum board joints or wall corner joints.

● Main material: paper pulp + non woven fiber

● Regular weight: 145g/m2

● Regular size: 5cm x 75m; 5cm x 150m

Product Detail

Product Tags


● High tensile strength

● Tearing, distortion and wrinkling resistant;

● Light weight, easy application with a positive center crease

Two Types Of Drilling Hole


Laser hole


Mechanical hole

Production Process


Regular Data

Item Unit Index Value
Weight g/㎡ 145+/-5
Thickness um 225±10
Tensile Strength lognitudinal KN/m 9.5
horizontal KN/m 5
Tensile strength in wet condition lognitudinal KN/m 2.5
horizontal KN/m 1.2
Water Absorbbilitity g/㎡ 35
Moisture % <=6.0

Packaging & Delivery

Width Length Area Weight (g/m2) Rolls/box Box Size NW/box(kg) GW/box(kg)
50mm 23m 145±5 45 35x35x27cm 8.5 9
50mm 75m 145±5 20 33x33x27cm 11.5 12
50m 150m 145±5 10 42x22x27cm 11 11.5

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