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Paintable Textile White Classical Pattern Fiberglass Wallcovering For Wall Decoration

Short Description:

Sinpro Fiberglass Wallcovering is ideal for many different occasions as inner wall decoration material, such as hospital, school, hotel, residence, etc.  It integrates fire prevention, moisture-proof, wall crack prevention, insect bite prevention and other functions. It has been widely loved by users since it originated in Europe in the 1960s.

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Fiberglass Wallcovering is mainly produced with glass fiber and environment glue, used as a special kind of wallpaper. This classical pattern is one of the most popular items in Europe — good 3D sense, simple pattern.


It’s suitable for different occasions for inner wall decoration, such as hospital, school, hotel, residence, etc. It’s becoming more and more popular substitute for traditional decoration material due to its more incomparable advantages than normal PVC wallpaper and paint.


 Excellent air permeability can prevent wall from moisture or mould;
 High tensile strength of fiberglass can protect wall well by external force;
 Breathable wallcovering can avoid bacteria.
 No toxic components, environment friendly;
 Variety of textures and beautiful looking;
 Fire retardant function after combination with adhesive and paint

Regular Roll Size:

1m*25m; 1m*50m

Each roll by shrink package with both protection ends; big carton + pallet


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