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Abrasive sanding screen mesh disc and sheet for polishing surface such as wall, wood or metal surface

Short Description:

Abrasive sanding screen mesh disc & sheet is made of polyester fabric, coated twice with high quality silicon carbide or Aluminum Oxide abrasive grits on both sides, dried and cut into different shapes. It’s mainly used for sanding wall, wood, etc, to make surface smooth before next construction step, or polish metal surface to remove rust or make them smooth.

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● Much longer life service than normal sanding paper due to the great wear-resistance of S/C or A/O grits;

● Workable on both sides of mesh since both sides with grits;

● High sanding efficiency as open mesh fabric can be clogging resistant ;

● Washable, can be repeatedly used

According To Different Shapes, Sinpro Sanding Screen Are Classified Into Below 5 Types


Sanding Screen Disc


Sanding Screen Sheet


Sanding Screen Jumbo Rolls


Sanding Screen Jumbo Rolls


Sanding Screen Small Rolls


Velcro Sanding Mesh Disc

Regular Information

Grit types Silicon carbide or Aluminum Oxide
Grit # 40#-1000#
Color Black for Silicon Carbide ; brown for Aluminum Oxide


Disc 10”,11”, 12”, 13",14",15",16",17",18",19",20" 10 or 20 pcs per shrink; 200 pcs/box; boxes packed by pallet
Sheet 93x230mm; 93x280mm; 115x280mm, etc. 10 or 20 pcs per shrink; 1000 pcs/box ; boxes packed by pallet
Jumbo Rolls 36” x 100 yards or as customer’s requirements, 1 roll per box; around 200 rolls/20FCL
Small Rolls width: 1”,1.5”,2”, 3”, 4”,5”,6” ;

length: 25 yards, 50 yards, etc.

By boxes and pallets

Packaging & Delivery


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