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Textile paintable glass fiber 3D foam wall covering for wall decoration

Short Description:

“Sinpro” textile paintable glass fiber foam wall cover is a type of interior wall surface decoration materials which is in combination with traditional fiberglass wallcovering and modern culture.  As a deeply processed product of glass fiber wall fabric, it not only retains the various functions and advantages of ordinary glass fiber wall fabric, but also has the characteristics of strong three-dimensional sense and diversified patterns as a decorative material. Applicable for various wall, it is more and more accepted by some high-end consumers and is gradually becoming a popular decoration wallcovering.

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Product Properties

1)Nature, environment friendly material;

2)Excellent air permeability, no mildew;

3)High impact resistance due to strong glass fiber;

4)Super 3D texture sense due to its deep processed patterns;

5)Looks as original even washing with water 10000 times

6)A-Class fire proof

7)Can be customized based on customers’ required patterns

Regular roll size: 0.98mx30.6m (30 sqm)

Package and delivery: each roll with protection cardboard sleeve for both ends of roll then shrink package

Dozens of designs for select; can be customized based on MOQ 2,000sqm


Installation Instruction

1.Stuff up holes on wall surface, make it smooth, clean;

2.Draw vertical line on the wall, pencil and plummet are recommended to use;

3.Brush glue averagely and appropriately; brushing width a little wider than wallcovering, approx. 1.1m wide;

4.Scrape the glue averagely with a spatula, then paste wallcovering on wall;

5.Press on wallcovering gently with scrape to make it stick well; cut off the surplus parts;

6.Applying paint on wallcovering after glue dried; 2nd coating of paint after 1st paint dried is required to ensure good effect.


Main Comparison With Common Paintable Wallpaper



paintable glass fiber foam wall cover

Common paintable wallpaper

Material Woven by glass fiber yarn from 100% nature quartz PVC or paper
Air-permeability Breath freely due to its woven structure no air permeability
Function Mouldproof & insect-resistant No mildew
Service life Over 15 years, very strong & impact resistant 5-8 years, easy to be impacted with crack
Fire-resistance Good fire-resistant No fire resistance
Maintenance Can be wiped cleanly over 10 000 times Not easy to maintain

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